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Monday, November 30, 2009

10 Ways Web Site Text Can Impact Your Reader's Buying Decision‏

10 Ways Web Site Text Can Impact Your Reader's Buying Decision‏

The appearance of your web site text can actually
increase or decrease your sales. The size, font, style
and color of your text can easily affect your reader's
buying decision. Below are ten points to consider
when typing text on your web site.

1. Easy To Read- You want to make it easy for your
visitors to read your text. You don't want to use a light
colored text like yellow on a white background and
you don't want to use dark blue text on a black back-

2. Create A Mood- You want to use the color of
your text to create a mood for the reader. If you want
to create excitement, use some red text. If you want to
create greed, use a some green text. Use colors that
would put you in a mood to buy your product.

3. Grab Their Attention- You can grab your readers
attention by using headlines. Make the headline more
noticeable by using a different colored headline than
your ad copy. This offsets the headline and pulls the
reader into the rest of your ad copy.

4. Highlight Keywords- You can emphasize phrases
and keywords that are important to your readers. For
instance, use super, deluxe, fast, low price, free, new,
etc. You could use bolding, underlining, italics, color
changing, etc.

5. Sizing It Up- You don't want to use text that is too
small or to large. You want to use larger text for your
headlines and subheadings. You want to use smaller
text for your ad copy. If your grandparents can't read
it, it's too small.

6. Don't Use All CAPS!- You don't want to use all
capital letters in your ad copy. It looks unprofessional
and is hard to read. You may want to use all CAPS
in your headlines to offset it.

7. Font Properly- You want to use a text font that
relates to the product or services your selling. You
don't want to use a comic type font when your selling
business books.

8. Spacing Out- It's important to use spaces properly
when typing your text. You should indent and bullet
key benefits your product or service will give the
reader. Your headlines, subheadings, sentences and
paragraphs should be consistently spaced throughout
your web site.

9. I Need Sunglasses- Don't use all bright text colors
and backgrounds on your web site. It will make your
text hard to read and actually bother your readers'
eyes to the point they just decide to leave your site.

10. Check The Readability- It's important to check
your spelling and grammar before you upload your
web page. When writing an ad copy you're allowed to
break some of those grammar rules to get your point

10 Ways To Suck Up Orders Quicker Than A Super Vacuum‏

10 Ways To Suck Up Orders Quicker Than A Super Vacuum‏
1. Increase the number of visitors that revisit your
web site by publishing a free course right on your
site. Just release a new lesson once a week.

2. Make sure your graphics load correctly on your
web site. Broken graphics will make your business
look very unprofessional.

3. Avoid using scrolling marquees on your web site.
They take the attention away from your ad copy
and make your web page load slower.

4. Make your web site writing exciting to read. You
can use emotional words, descriptive adjectives,
highlight keywords with color, etc.

5. Remember to reach out and touch your visitors
offline. When your visitors give you offline contact
information use it to send them some direct mail.

6. Use guest books to improve your web site. Your
visitors will leave good and bad comments. Review
the comments and use them to improve your site.

7. Regularly check and resubmit your web site's
search engine rankings. They can drop very quickly
because of all the competition.

8. Divide your price over a period of time to make
it sound less. Offer a payment plan or show the per
day price. For example, "Only 33 cents per day!"

9. Promote your products within the content of your
web site. If you write and offer free articles tie in
a mention of the product or service you're selling.

10. Update the content on your web site regularly.
You'll want to add new content and update the old