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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 Psychological Desires To Insert Into Your Ad

10 Psychological Desires To Insert Into Your Ad

1. Most people like surprises because it's a change
of pace from their routine. Tell your prospects
that they'll get a surprise free bonus for ordering.

2. Most people want life to be easier. Give your
prospects easy ordering instructions, easy product
instructions, etc.

3. Most people want to feel secure and safe. Tell
your prospects that you have secure ordering and a
privacy policy.

4. Most people want to receive compliments for
their achievements. Give your prospects plenty of
compliments for them considering your product.

5. Most people are curious about things that could
affect their current lifestyle. You could use words
like "Secret" or "Confidential" in your ad.

6. Most people want to invest in their future. Tell
your prospects to "invest in your product" instead
of "buy our product".

7. Most people want the latest and newest things
in life. Use words and phrases in your ad copy like
"New", "Just Released", etc.

8. Most people want to solve their problems. Tell
your prospects what problems they have and how
your product can solve them.

9. Most people want to make the people around
them happy. Tell your prospects how happy their
friends or family will be if they buy your product.

10. Most people want to get over obstacles so they
can achieve their goals. Tell your prospects which
goals they'll achieve by ordering your product.