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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Something BIG is coming!!

In the next ten days, SFI will be unveiling a powerful new advertising co-op for all SFI affiliates.

It will be major, MULTI-CHANNEL co-op, utilizing marketing on the Web, in magazines and newspapers, on mobile devices, and more….including NASCAR sponsorship!

Yes, SFI is currently working toward a primary sponsorship arrangement with Herd Racing, LLC, a West Virginia-based NASCAR-sanctioned stock car race team. Based near Huntington, West Virginia, Herd Racing competes in several racing divisions, including the NASCAR Nationwide Series, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, and ARCA Racing Series. Herd is also pursuing interests in NASCAR's top-tier, the Sprint Cup Series.

We are very close to finalizing this, and hope to have our first actual NASCAR event featuring a TripleClicks paint scheme, piloted by veteran driver Brett Rowe, sometime by the end of June.

Along with massive exposure potential to the more than 75 million fans of NASCAR, here are a few reasons to be very encouraged by this announcement:

• NASCAR is the #1 sport in brand loyalty. Fans are three times as likely as non-fans to try and purchase sponsors’ products and services.

• NASCAR is the #1 spectator sport, with 17 of the 20 most attended sporting events in the United States and an average of nearly 120,000 spectators at each NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event.

• NASCAR is the #2-rated regular-season sport on U.S. television.

• NASCAR sanctions more than 1,200 races at 100 tracks in more than 30 U.S. states, Canada and Mexico.

• NASCAR is broadcast in over 150 countries in 20 languages.

• More Fortune 500® companies rely on NASCAR to build their brands than any other sport.

While this is in the works, we have sponsored an entry in the Pro All Star Series (PASS) racing event on June 4th at ACE Speedway in Altamahaw, NC, with super-talented driver Michael Gaier (pronounced GUY-er) behind the wheel. Gaier's brand-new #75 Ford Fusion will feature the graphics.

As an SFI affiliate, you will be able to promote your SFI business utilizing a new "racing approach" and have access to all kinds of new racing-themed promotional materials including driver hero cards, posters, brochures, postcards, x-cards, t-shirts, jackets, caps, and much more! Use these items along with the credibility of a major racing sponsorship to grow your business.

And to make this even more exciting for you, as a participant in the new co-op, you will be able to benefit from the multitude of racing events and promotions that our teams will be involved with. From race cars, hauler trucks and pit crew uniforms, to national press-releases and major-network television coverage, to souvenir and merchandise sales, all will be advertising that you can take part in.

Lastly, all merchandise, apparel, and promotional materials will be available for purchase on TripleClicks. This means you have the ability to not only use them for growing your SFI business, you can also refer people to the listings for each item and earn VersaPoints and/or commissions on the sales!

There are many more benefits, including:

- Prestige and Worldwide credibility of being a major NASCAR sponsor.

- MASSIVE Worldwide Exposure through TV, Web, Radio, etc., to 75+ Million Fans of NASCAR.

- Improved ease to promote to your warm AND cold market, with excitement and confidence (i.e. “Have you seen the TripleClicks NASCAR car yet? We sponsor that car!”).


• Unlike most other sports sponsorships, NASCAR team sponsorship won’t put SFI on the periphery of the field of play–it will incorporate SFI directly into the action. Brands are synonymous with the team; when fans are cheering for the #75 team, they’re cheering for SFI right along with it.

• In today’s crowded marketplace, consumers have a multitude of brands from which to choose. NASCAR team sponsorship creates a point of differentiation that can move SFI's brands forward.

• NASCAR fans come from a number of different demographic groups. Securing a team partnership can help you reach a specific demographic, while still enjoying the benefits of reaching the broad NASCAR audience.

• When SFI becomes a team sponsor, SFI's logos automatically integrate into television, radio, online, print, video games, licensed products and other high profile media outlets.

• NASCAR team sponsorship tells the world that TripleClicks is a dynamic and exciting brand. It’s also a source of pride and morale for SFI's employees, affiliate members, and customers.
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